Pics or didn’t happen…

October 28, 2007

AM sez: Walking towards the hills…Does anyone else know where they were going?  I had to be careful not to get trampled in the crush of bodies.  Who were they, and where were they headed?

JH sez: Heard tell of the project. I’m not really sure about what you’re looking for. I went to a nice fish and chips place last night a couple blocks from the radio tower

AM sez: Last night i had a dream where i was over by the old hospital, and heard some yelling outside, so I go out and there’s this dude hollering about a fire or something down by the pier.  I started heading that way, but then my alarm blew up and i missed the rest.  does anyone know what was going on over there?

catherein sez: anyone else see a load of cats coming down off the mountain the other night? wtf is up with that.


3 Responses to “Pics or didn’t happen…”

  1. petridream said

    You saw us leaving mountains in dream? Many left in last week. The chekists they ask many questions about Feast. Feast not same with outsiders Dayvon bringing. Love good farewall with friends. No want introductions. Feared leaving. Nightmare can be unbearable. Not as bad as I remember? May be Saint Feline bring good to us? May be why Emmet fond of her.

  2. Providence said

    A wounded dog calling for help.

    The outsiders are our friends, and I’m not going to say anything about trusting us, but the rest of providence is worried and we just want to be sure everyone is are all right (we don’t trust Devon too much). We’re having a hard time getting a hold of them because of all the sensitivities.

    We’re not asking for your trust, we’re just looking after our own, I’m sure you can relate. Thank you in advance.

    ~Tstar of Providence

  3. sinyx said

    Did you find the new Craigslists? BA’s survived the Scream and has a message for all of us.

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