Strange Moon

January 11, 2008


max sez:  For those of that missed the sky clearing the other night, this is just about what it looked like. It really was that red and that clear.


10 Responses to “Strange Moon”

  1. dante said

    That’s a really wild picture. I wonder what it means. Doesn’t seem good.

  2. JJason said

    That don’t bode well.

  3. Arcas said

    Wow! Where were you when you saw a moon that red???

  4. October said

    Blood on the moon… superstitions say it means danger is nearby. But isn’t it always, these days? Take care, dreamers.

  5. konamouse said

    Got pictures like that during the last lunar eclipse on August 28th.

  6. Mar_Vell said

    oooh, just saw that and I’d have to agree that the future doesn’t look so good. keep your head down man.

  7. Arcas said

    A sight like that really puts things in perspective. Where did you see it?

  8. Sean said

    Seems like a bad moon IS rising…

  9. UNTHeath said

    I’ve got a really bad feeling about this. I did some research online… Apparently the Greeks thought a Red Moon was the result of witchcraft, or an omen about war and famine on the horizon… and the Bible says that the moon will turn red just before judgement day.

    Not lookin good…

  10. […] Well not so much last night, but for the past few weeks it’s just been red moon red moon red moon ohmahgahd did you see the red moon. […]

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