Pics or didn’t happen…

October 28, 2007

AM sez: Walking towards the hills…Does anyone else know where they were going?  I had to be careful not to get trampled in the crush of bodies.  Who were they, and where were they headed?

JH sez: Heard tell of the project. I’m not really sure about what you’re looking for. I went to a nice fish and chips place last night a couple blocks from the radio tower

AM sez: Last night i had a dream where i was over by the old hospital, and heard some yelling outside, so I go out and there’s this dude hollering about a fire or something down by the pier.  I started heading that way, but then my alarm blew up and i missed the rest.  does anyone know what was going on over there?

catherein sez: anyone else see a load of cats coming down off the mountain the other night? wtf is up with that.